Top Myths Linked With Facial Hair Waxing In Kansas Debunked

Who doesn’t wish to have a thick, beautiful head of hair that’s simple to style and maintain? With that said, the key expression here is “head of hair.” But the same is not possible when it comes to the face. No woman is happy to see hair, thick or otherwise, on her face — unless you’re talking about groomed eyebrows!

This is why women today turn to wax to remove unwanted facial hair. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths concerning facial hair waxing in Kansas that can keep you from getting your first appointment.

Facial Waxing Myths Quashed

Waxing facial hair is an effective means of removing that undesirable facial hair when done by a professional. Professionals have an idea of how to protect sensitive skin during facial waxing. The last thing all women want is to get unwanted facial hair with bumpy, sore, or red skin removed!

So take the rumors regarding waxing with a grain of salt. If these three myths are holding you back, schedule an appointment at The Beauty Barn Studio to witness what professional facial waxing appears like.

facial hair waxing

Myth #1: Waxing Hurts Too Much To Do It On A Regular Basis.

Maybe you’ve thought of waxing to groom your wild eyebrows or eliminate peach fuzz on your upper lip. But you may have heard horror stories of how painful it is. After all, aren’t you getting those hairs “pulled” out by the roots? The truth is, for many, waxing can be painful.

For many, however, it’s not even near unbearable. There are things you can do to minimize any discomfort linked with facial hair waxing.


First and foremost, trust a salon or expert who knows what they’re doing. You should also avoid waxing before your cycle, as women are more sensitive to pain at that time. But the best way to reduce the discomfort from facial hair waxing in Kansas is to have it done regularly.

Myth #2: Facial Waxing Induce Wrinkles.

Another ordinary fallacy you may have heard about facial waxing is that it will hurt your skin and induce wrinkles. Don’t worry! It’s nothing like that. A professional holds your skin taut when pulling wax which minimizes the skin movement and stretching. The wrinkle factor only comes into play if you wax daily, using soft, harsh, or chemical waxes.


Myth #3: Hard Wax May Be Hard On Your Skin.

You may find two general types of wax: soft and hard wax. Soft wax is heated, applied, and then removed with cloth stripes. Hard wax is dried hard enough to be pulled off without the help of the cloth strips. At The Beauty Barn Studio, we prefer to make use of the hard wax method when it comes to  facial hair waxing in Kansas for a few reasons:

  • Comfort: It does not need to be heated to as high a temperature as the soft wax does. This makes the application comfier on delicate facial skin.
  • Less Irritation: Hard wax demands less ripping or stretching of the skin, making it a better choice for those who have sensitive skin.
  • Easy Final Touches: Hard wax can be reapplied immediately if any hair is missed, while soft wax cannot.

The Bottom Line!

Facial hair waxing at a salon is advantageous. If you’re watching out to get rid of peach fuzz on your upper lip or chin, always trust a professional like us. Book your appointment right away and get firsthand experience to debunk the myths in relation to facial hair waxing in Kansas.