undefinedI have known Christy for over 9 years and she has always provided excellent service in the many areas of personal grooming and consultations. She skills are top notch and unsurpassed in the industry. When she was unavailable and I chose to use another service instead of wait for her schedule to clear she was always gracious in repairing the damage from my venture with the competition. The quality value and personal attention she pays to each client speaks volumes to her integrity as a business woman and more importantly as a person. I would and have recommended Christy time and time again with no regrets and never a negative feedback from the person I sent her way.

Randy Buckhalter

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Christy isn’t just a supplier of innovative products and top notch services, she is watershed of industry knowledge and connections. Just ask her for help and she’s there with people she knows who can improve your business! When you work with Christy and her crew, you get far more than quick and reliable fulfillment on your order, you get support and motivation to help you make more money! You’ll get sales training, product expertise and a sincere interest in your success. When it comes to my business, I want to work with the best people out there. Christy is one of those people.

Drew Donnell
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