Picking the Right Hair Color

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By Christy Hogan, the editor

Best Hair Color For You

Hues are colors that exist within a spectrum of tones and trying to decide on which color looks best on you is not always easy. Your complexion will thank you for the proper hair color shade you choose.

It all comes down to which hair color is most flattering, it’s all about undertones in your skin and what you would like to emphasize. Your colorist and you will need to find out which color brings out your eyes and skin tone to give you the best look.

Color Analysis

Basic consideration of skin tones comes down to this color analysis:

  1. Look for specific colors. Cool tones skin has blue or olive undertones and warm-tones skin has yellow and gold.
  2. Check Your Wrist…If your veins are blue or purple you are likely a cool-toned, if you veins are green you are warm.
  3. Look at Your Eyes…If you have gold or warm colors in your eye you are warm, if you have blue or greens you are usually cool.

Pick a tone that’s opposite from your skin’s undertones. For instance, those with warm undertones might opt for a cooler color and vice versa. If you have neutral skin, everything looks good on you.

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Pureology Blonde Shampoo
Pureology Blonde Shampoo
blue shampoo for blondes
blue shampoo for blondes

Fair Skin with Warm Undertones

Best for Porcelain or blue-violet undertones, because icy neutralizes the redness giving a cool blonde shade. This looks exceptional with blue or grey eyes.   

Shades Include Platinum, ice, silver, ash. Sand, beige, champagne

Fair Skins with Cool Undertone


Best for Fair skinned strawberry blondes, copper, honey, and gold with olive skin. Ashy blondes can wash you out. Try a caramel blonde hi-lite for a high-impact look.

Shades Include Gold, caramel, amber, honey, butterscotch.

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Medium Skin with Warm Undertones

Brown hair

Best for Brown hair, in general, is universally flattering, however, brown tones look more striking with warm skin and it helps minimize yellow tones giving a creamier look.

Shades Include: dark chocolate, chestnut, dark auburn, mocha

Medium Skin with Cool Undertones

Best for Medium skin need to pick a shade that is contrasting to their complexion to avoid the washed-out look. Carmel browns fit best with skin tones on the lighter side of olive, and with yellow and green tones to them.

Shades Include: Caramel, honey, golden brown, amber, mahogany, cinnamon

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nano shampoo
nano shampoo

Deep Skin with Warm Undertones

Best for: For warm and deep skin tones the best choice is warm browns and caramels to accommodate the natural skin tone. If hair is already blonde, tones with hues of caramel look best.

Shades Include: Caramel, golden brown, butterscotch

Dark Skin with Cool Undertones

Best for Cool blacks look great on deep skin, but adding chocolaty tones is also a nice way to warm up the skin.

Shades Include: Dark Mocha, brown-black, deep black

For more information on what looks good on you, talk directly with Christy and she will guide you through your hair color analysis with careful considerations.