Dip Nails

Benefits of Dip Nails and FAQ

What is a Dip Nail?

Dip nails are a combination of a brushed resin (glue) followed by a powder. A nail technician preps the surface, brushes resin onto the nail base, and proceeds to dip the nail in powder, hence where the name comes from.

Dip Nails

The approximate time allowed for the service is 45-60 mins. The average cost is $45 at a salon.

Variety of dip colors

Yes. The color for dip nails comes from the powder, leaving the resin-coated with the color of choice. The color can be clear, French, to any color of the rainbow, so please check with the salon to ensure they have a variety of colors to choose from when calling or setting your appointment.

To save time you can soak off the product. Using these five easy steps.

 1.) Buff the surface of the dip product with a rough file.

 2.) apply acetone to a cotton ball, make sure it is saturated.

 3.) place the saturated acetone cotton ball on a finger.

 4.) wrap it with an aluminum foil strip (1.5-inch x 1.5 inch) and wait 15 mins.  

 5.) remove the foil and cotton ball and immediately scrap off the old material with a metal cuticle pusher.

No. The nail tech can file the resin off the nail or soak it for you.

Yes. A tip can be placed on the nail prior to the dip process and may add an additional cost. However, you will be able to shape the nail to your liking; such as oval, square, pointed, rounded, or even coffin shape.

The benefits of dip nail are the speed of getting the service is usually shorter in time, but last up to 4 weeks. The added strength is good support for regular nails for people who need assistance in maintaining their nails when working in water and are tough on their nails. Some say it is stronger than gel and last like acrylic and no UV light is necessary for the service.