Benefits of Dip Nails and FAQ

What is a Dip Nail? Dip nails are a combination of a brushed resin (glue) followed by a powder. A nail technician preps the surface, brushes resin onto the nail base, and proceeds to dip the nail in powder, hence where the name comes from. How long does the service take? The approximate time allowed […]

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What about Lash Extensions?

When looking for lash extensions, cheapest is not always your best alternative when dealing with lash extensions. Lash extensions are an investment in yourself and are a repeat service completed regularly. When you first get lash extensions be sure your technician has been properly trained. Also ask how long they have been doing lash extensions […]

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Just Start A Hot New Look, Balayage vs. Highlights

Just Start A Hot New Look, with these two looks. Which style should you pick Balayage vs. Highlights? Balancing your color and cut is very important to your end look. Online booking is now available with these styles. Understanding what to book along with price plus maintenance will help make your decisions easier. You will […]

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