best direction to face your desk

Best direction to face your desk

With times changing and more people working from home, you may ask yourself which direction to place my desk, where I should do my work. Studies show getting your kid to do their homework out of their bedroom for higher performance can help.The top 3 places people like to do their work are #1 the kitchen table; this is the right solution for people who don’t mind a few distractions and want to spread their work. #2 Couch Laptop is a comfy place to get the right to work as long as you are not too comfortable and slip off to sleep. #3 Deck or patio, sunshine is a great place, and the outdoors’ quiet gives an excellent outlet to feel connected and productive at work.

No matter what location you are choosing, facts point to your best performance when you face the East. Your brain function and mental performance show that the neurons’ firing patterns in the thalamus (regulates sensory information and awareness) are significantly different depending on the direction you are facing. These studies are based on MSV (Maharishi Sthapatya Veda), it states the nervous system cells detect the body’s position. The next best place to face when wanting to be most productive is the north. West and South are the least productive directions, according to cutting-edge research in neuroscience.

So if you are struggling with concentration, when you are about to do a Zoom interview or need to get to work, think about facing the real East. Paying attention to what position you are facing can get you your best results.